Floodlight Guards

Why choose our wire mesh floodlight guard? A functional floodlight means you can see potential dangers. But if your floodlight were to be disabled by an individual then this could invite trouble. Our wire mesh guards are made of steel and so are intrinsically strong. This means that even if the wire mesh guard were to receive a blow from a projectile, your floodlight would remain operational. Further to this our wire mesh guards are galvanised. This makes them suitable for internal or external applications. Please remember that the guard dimensions stated are for the guard itself. So please measure the floodlight that you need protecting and choose a guard that will fit over the floodlight leaving adequate space around it.

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Wire Guard for Floodlights

Wire Guard for Floodlights

All Floodlight guards are manufactured from sturdy 1" mesh. As standard, they are coated with an ele..

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